• 9th May
  • 09

So, I get it. It isn’t cool to watch CNN anymore. They have fucked up more times than we can all remember. And, yet, I just can’t quit. I would estimate we watch 2-3 hours of CNN a day. Usually in the background while I am getting ready in the morning, or when I get home from work and am being lazy. I think this is because it is honestly the only television that G and I can both actively agree about. If it was up to G, we’d have History or Discovery or Science or baseball on 24/7. If it were me, it would be Bravo. In terms of news channels, CNN is the most news-ie, the least opinion focused. I’m not watching Fox, G isn’t watching MSNBC. So, CNN keeps us current and smart, or whatever.

CNN, you’ve now made me angry. I have sat through terrible talking heads (Ari Fleisher, Margaret Hoover) and terrible anchors (Ashleigh Banfield, Don Lemon) because I like Wolf (so sue me!) and Anderson and Soledad (miss you!) But, I can sit by no longer. This week has broken me.

The interview Chris Cuomo did with Amanda Knox was honestly the worst interview I have ever seen. It is one thing to ask the hard hitting questions. It is another to badger someone on national television. Casey Anthony has had nicer interviews from police. If I had been walking down the street and hear a woman being talked to in such a manner by a man 30 years her senior, I would have stopped and asked her if she was ok. I would have judged the man for being so disrespectful to the woman. I would have alerted others to the verbal abuse.

That was bad enough. It was enough for me to abandon my favorite CNN reporter (Kate Bolduan) and her new morning show with Chris Cuomo to go back to The Today Show come its premiere in June. But now, I think I will have to give it all up. I don’t think I can do any of it anymore if they are going to have that crazy psycho Wendy Murphy on everyday. 

Wendy Murphy is psycho. She is an accomplished liar. She basically makes shit up on live TV. She has for years. And now she is back. People are paying her dumb ass to talk again. She says intentionally inflammatory things because she is dumb and a terrible human being.

And so, I give up. I was your number 1 fan, CNN. I stuck through it all with you. But, now, I think we are done. I give up. You suck too bad, even for me.

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